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New Pokerstars Bonus – 100% up to $600

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The worlds largest poker site is once again turning up the heat on the competition. For the first time in years, Pokerstars has ditched their little $50 bonus in favor of a new $600 bonus!

While the $50 bonus that Pokerstars has offered hasn’t stopped players from signing up in huge numbers, this is a clear sign that they’re looking for another boost in traffic. Pokerstars was the first online poker room to hit the 100,000 simultaneous players mark. They are also the first and only room to reach the 200,000 mark, consistently hitting this number during peak hours. With this new bonus to attract players, 300,000 simultaneous players looks to be just around the corner.

To get the Pokerstars $600 bonus, write down marketing code TEN500 and Pokerstars deposit bonus code Stars600. Both of these codes will need to be entered during the sign up & deposit process in order to get the bonus.

Learn how to play at Pokerstars on a Linux computer.

New Pokerstars $600 Bonus Clearing Requirements

Players need to earn 17 VIP Player Points (VPP’s) for every $1 in bonus. This means that each VPP is worth 5.88 cents. Players earn 5 VPP’s per dollar paid in tournament fees, or 29.4 cents. While this bonus isn’t as easy for tournament players to clear as the old $50 bonus, it’s still reasonable – especially for such a big bonus. Get My Pokerstars Bonus!

In cash games with $1/2 or lower stakes, players earn 1 VPP when the pot rakes $.40. Players earn 1 VPP when the pot rakes $1 in any other game. Players earn a second VPP when playing at any 6-max table that rakes $2 or more. When playing at any other tables, players earn a second VPP when the pot rakes $3. Get a 3rd VPP at any table that rakes $5.

Players have 6 months to earn as much of the bonus as they can.

VPP’s & FPP’s

While players earn VPP’s, they also earn Frequent Player Points (FPP’s). FPP’s can be used for special FPP tournament entries or traded in at the Pokerstars Store for a huge selection of cool items. Players can trade their FPP’s for LCD TV’s, computers, iPods, game consoles, and even a Porsche Cayman S (in case you don’t already have two or three in your garage).

How players earn FPP’s is based on their VIP level. The more you play, the higher you move up in levels. Higher levels have FPP multipliers which allow players to earn FPP’s up to 2.5 times faster than VPP’s. This means that getting your hands on a new Nintendo Wii system is that much easier.

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